3D Christmas Cookie Cutters

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These are a set of cookie cutters that can be used to create 3D sugar cookies that assemble together. There are cutters for a tree, a star, a reindeer, a sleigh, and a snowflake. Check out the instructions for how to make these awesome cookies. Definitely a great way to have fun with kids over the holidays. Enjoy!


So in order to actually assemble these cookies, you need to select the right recipe. You need cookies that will maintain their shape when baking and that won’t rise too much. I used this one and it worked out pretty well.

I printed my cutters with .25 infill and .3 layer height, but it should work just fine at whatever resolution you want to use.

When making the cookies roll the dough out to a little under .25 inches thick. I measured mine with my calipers to about .22 inches for most of them. When you assemble the cookies, you might want to cut the slots with a serrated knife like a steak knife or a paring knife to open then up a little bit. Just kind of shave down the edges so that the cookies fit together nicely. Also, most of the shapes can just slide together, but for the reindeer I needed to use icing to “glue” it all together.

I was inspired by those 3D animal cookie cutters that you can buy. But I thought that since it’s the holidays I would do a holiday themed set. I hope you like them.

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