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We expedited a 5-6 day turn around on print with options for an expedited 2 day turn around.


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We take care preparing your project files and will work with you to insure you get an exceptional level of service and quality of delivered parts.

Welcome to JawsTec, your Nylon and Metal 3D Printing Services provider. We are looking forward to working with people all over the world and changing the way parts are produced for small business and large production services. We love working with our customers on their 3D print projects. We want to make sure that you get the service and the quality of part to exceed your expectations.

3D Printed Materials

Glass Filled Nylon SLS
Nylon SLS
Nylon MJF

Jaws Tec is happy to announce that we are one of the only HP Recognized Providers for 3D Printing Service Bureau’s. We pride ourselves in the quality we can produce for our customers and are excited to be recognized by HP in this way.

Want more proof we know what we are doing here at Jaws Tec? We are happy to announce that we were selected for the Top 10 3D Printing Service Providers by Manufacturing Technology Insights. Our post-processing made us stand out to the competition. We offer many options for customers and are increasing our production capacity. We produce the highest quality 3D printed parts in the industry and are happy to be recognized for our hard work. Get an instant 3D Printing Quote now!

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. No sector of the global economy is undergoing more radical transformation than the US$12 trillion manufacturing market”

Dion Weisler

President and CEO, HP Inc

Need Professional Help

JawsTec offers a design team that will be assigned to anyone with a need for creating a part. We will use a cad drawing, a paper drawing, or a list of requirements to create a useable part. We will stay in constant contact with you throughout the design process.

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