Hawaii 3D Printing Service and Fabrication Services

Hawaii, aka the Aloha State (1959), is known for epic natural beauty, with volcanos and coral reefs, and tropical climate. You'll find industrial and economic opportunity as well as crystal clear water, world-class surfing, and nearly perfect weather all year around - and Jawstec is right in the heart of the manufacturing and printing services. Jawstec offers 3D Printing, CNC Milling and Sheet Metal Fabrication services in every metro area of Hawaii - as well as serving small towns and rural areas.

#1 Hawaii 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping & Production Scale

Looking for rapid prototyping or large scale 3D printing services? A leading provider of 3D Printing Services, JawsTec has combined high quality prints with affordable pricing. We can customize your parts to your exact specifications with our wide selection of materials and finishes. Upload your 3D model file on our instant quoting engine for pricing and lead times to start the process! Select JawsTec as your go-to provider of 3D Printing Services in Hawaii.

High Quality CNC Milling in Hawaii - Milling & Lathes

Whether it is rapid prototyping or manufactured CNC parts, we've got you covered. As an industry leader of CNC Milling Services, JawsTec prides itself in creating top-tier parts at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of materials and finishes you can choose from to print your parts with. Utilize our quoting tool for instant pricing and lead times so we can start on your project as quickly as possible. Choose JawsTec as your source for CNC Milling Services in Hawaii.

Top Hawaii Sheet Metal Fabrication | Quality Parts & Competitive Pricing

Rapid prototyping and large scale Sheet Metal Fabrication is our wheelhouse. JawsTec is a leading provider of Sheet Metal Fabrication Services, offering the highest quality parts at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of materials and finishes you can choose from to print your parts with. Real time quotes with our instant quoting tool makes the ordering process much quicker and simpler. Let JawsTec be your sole provider of Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Hawaii.

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Honolulu, Hawaii CNC Milling Service
Honolulu, Hawaii 3D Printing Service
Honolulu, Hawaii Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
Honolulu, Hawaii On Demand Manufacturing
Honolulu, Hawaii Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
Honolulu, Hawaii Plastic 3D Printing Service

"Switched production volume of many accessory parts to JawsTec because of their service and quality. Had some small issues with part material properties that I was trying to sort out and they worked with me, a small customer, to figure out the best material and process, but then also to sample from production lots to ensure the parts were pliable and not brittle before they ship, and I've had no field failures since." -Tom P.