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Upload your .stl file(s) below and they will be quickly analyized for volume and thickness. It’s up to you to insure that the minimum wall thickness for each object is greater than 1mm. Verify units (mm or in), choose parameters and quantity, and proceed to purchase.


We get your order, check your files and contact you if necessary. Once we are done with the anlysis we setup your files to be printed and quickly produce the parts as specified.


Your parts are carefully packaged and shipped via the chosen method. We guarantee our work so if they aren’t as expected we will work with you to make sure you get what you need.

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  • We are currently working on getting our metal printing capabilities online, please check back with us in a few months. Currently we can print in various colors of Nylon and SLA Standard Black Resin.
  • Click here for an information page containing various policies for 3D printing & pricing.